Let me take through the power of React JS.  React JS became popular as one on the most advanced JQuery Libraries. The hype that this library created in 2016 is astounding. Larger companies like Netflix and Facebook shows the eminent way to developers for the upcoming architectures of 2016.

React JS is most simpler when compared to the sisters Knockout JS, Angular JS and Ember JS. React JS doest have a MV* but it has only a V implementation mechanism which simplifies the developers to code it and maintain it.

React JS primarily built to the Dynamic UI Architectures and how the visual components are built and rendered. This doesn’t deal with the data and so on. How this is possible? Yes. It is possible as it is a concept of Virtual DOM and the way it handles the data binding.

If it is good for Facebook and Instagram! Why not for a design to your page. I strongly recommend React. So React Now!