Everyone who born on this earth has no choice in circumstances of which we are born into. But there might be few question that we have to answer for how to experience our life and how do we do with our life? If we can answer the best of all, that is where we are on the path to shape, steer and direct it to the best. We often think in our life to get what we want, we always look for success, love and happiness. How do we try to achieve them? we can get them only when we put them into best actions. When we work hard and work smart. To achieve the best of what we need, first we have to shape our thinking.

If there’s something you want to dedicate yourself to, to improve the quality of your life, dedicate yourself to thinking supportively of people, instead of building the habit to thinking critically of people. Thinking supportively does not mean we have to agree with everyone’s actions. We cannot-agree with the way someone live their life, or the way they dress, or the friends they have, or the decisions they make, but we don’t have to let our mind put them in a box where we’ve judged them critically on how they can be living better. Thinking supportively will impact our successes, our luck and our happiness -because when we live with less judgement and with more empathy, it widens our perspective of the world and makes us less narrow-minded. This allows us to build great relationships with people, and PEOPLE contribute to how successful or lucky we are. More importantly, when we have a supportive mind-set, we are free from feeling envious or critical of people – and that allows us to have a peaceful mind, a mind that looks within to see how WE can be better, instead of constantly thinking how OTHER people can be better. We are all born with certain characteristics and circumstances, but we have the freedom to create the experiences we want in life.

It’s not your DNA, it’s your dedication – so dedicate yourself to cultivating a supportive mind-set and you’ll find that you’ll receive immense support from others in your journey to creating a great life.